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John Halo: Strings and Things

On this episode, John Halo of the hard-rocking NYC quartet Downtown Equipment is here to work on his Les Paul Standard, while our host, Patrick Grant, changes the strings on an old friend, his sea-foam Fender Jaguar

We’ll find out how many guitars John actually owns and how he names them, and of course, he and Patrick will boot up and plug in for a special year-end jam.

John handles guitars, composition and vocals in Downtown Equipment, and the band is working on a follow-up to their most recent EP, Calls for Chaos, which you can listen to right here:

By day, John molds young minds as a program coordinator in the New York City public school system. He creates courses and projects for junior high students in the science and the arts, from 3D printing to aeronautics to producing musicals. He also teaches a lot of math and music theory, which was the focus of his post-graduate studies.

This is our last episode of 2016! A huge shout-out to all of the guitarists who have joined us this year and a big thank you to all of you who have stuck around and listened to the show.

Happy New Year!

Jeremy Nesse: Strings and Things

Bass player Jeremy Nesse‘s initial reaction to seeing a Chapman Stick was one of surprise. “When I first saw it, I thought this looks like a board of wood from a picket fence or a two by four.”

TiltCore012815 (1 of 21)

Despite that first impression, Jeremy was inspired to add the 12-string tapping melodic bass to his arsenal of instruments by listening to Tony Levin‘s work with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel‘s solo albums. On this episode of Strings and Things, he relates to host Patrick Grant how his style of playing has developed over the years, from early childhood explorations of his Dad’s vast vinyl collection, through his years listening to British new wave and to his interests in progressive rock and world music.

tilted axes-4481
photo by Erick Gonzales

Jeremy has recorded and performed with a variety of bands and ensembles, including Moving Picture Show in LA, Humble Lion, the punk rapper Hyro Da Hyro and High North. You can find him at ReverbNation or on his Facebook page.

And before you go, watch Jeremy play the Chapman Stick here: