Ann Klein: Strings and Things

On this second episode of Strings and Things, the eclectic guitarist and singer/songwriter Ann Klein re-strings her Telecaster, while our host Patrick Grant works on his surf green Jaguar.



As the old guitar strings get replaced, Ann runs down the pros and cons of performing for live theatre, and describes a couple of hairy moments onstage. We’ll hear about her dog’s hidden talents, and then plug in the Vox amps for a live rendition of her song “Chocolate Pie”.

Photo by Sandrine Lee
Photo by Sandrine Lee

Ann plays guitar, mandolin, dobro and lap steel. As a composer/songwriter, she’s toured in Europe and the US and composed music for documentary films, non-profit organizations, and television shows. As a guitarist, she’s worked with artists such as Ani DiFranco, Kate Pierson (of the B-52s), Joan Osborne, PM Dawn, Jon King (of the Gang of Four), the American Composers Orchestra, and many others. Ann was the lead guitarist for an all female band sent to Saudi Arabia as cultural diplomats by the U.S. State Department in 2013. She has performed on Broadway in Grease, 9 to 5, Everyday Rapture, Baby It’s You, and Kinky Boots.

Ann’s latest release is Tumbleweed Symphony. To find out more about her and hear tracks from all her albums, visit her webpage at

Strings and Things is a Peppergreen Production for Headstepper Media.

Strings and Things: Episode 2 Trailer

Next on the Strings and Things podcast, guitar dynamo Ann Klein works around the b-bender on her Telecaster and talks about life in the broadway trenches.

This is Strings and Things, the show where musicians come by to change their strings and talk about about all kinds of things. Then we amp up and put those new strings right to work in a special performance with our guest. We hope you’ll join us!

Strings and Things is a Peppergreen Production for Headstepper Media.

Tony Geballe: Strings and Things

On the premiere episode of Strings and Things, composer/guitarist Tony Geballe stops by to change the strings on his custom-built Nelson Fidelis TG1 electric guitar, while our host Patrick Grant re-strings his Rickenbacker 330. Tony tells us about his first guitar hero, and how he started playing in a Progressive Darkwave band. Then the Vox amps come out and they perform an excerpt from Tony’s score for a stage version of Faust.


Tony Geballe (a Seattle native living in New York City) has studied, taught and performed music of many kinds all over the world. His main instrument is guitar, including nylon-string, steel-string, 12-string and electric. Tony also works as a composer and sound designer for theater, and a producer and engineer for various recording projects.


To find out more about Tony Geballe, visit his webpage at

Strings and Things is a Peppergreen Production for Headstepper Media.